Message Series Promo & Opener


This promo for the Jonah series at Church of the King really gave me a chance to use all of the tools at my disposal. We had motion graphics, 3D animation and filmed footage. In addition to that we built several different variations for social media to promote the series.

Part One: The Promo

Instead of jumping straight to a large fish or whale underwater I wanted to be more subtle about the storytelling. The concept I decided to go with was in two parts. First was the promo, it took place in the belly of the boat in the midst of the storm. The second part was the intro to the series. it starts out with the sounds of the storm, shouting, and then a sound of a whale. Suddenly it’s turbulent bubbles everywhere as Jonah is progressively getting to the surface. Then it goes white and the camera travels up the arm of Jonah laying on the beach towards the logo.

Even though we had a fair bit of leeway to complete this project I still wanted to lean heavily on sound design instead of animation to build a level of tension and intrigue and kept it to only one scene.

I built a very small portion of the interior of the boat rocking during the storm. One element I wanted to make sure was in there for dramatic effect was the drops of water that would have been coming through the floor of the upper deck.


Part Two: The Opener

For the actual opener to the message I wanted to continue the narrative of Jonah that was started with the promo. Here, Jonah is spit out of the fish and on to dry land where the main part of the story picks up. We actually filmed at a beach on a bayou in Covington, LA.

Swamp Park.jpg