Kevin Belton's New orleans Kitchen Open.jpg

This is one of those rare projects where you get to have a lot of input into the look of the project from the very beginning. It all started with the design of the logo. The Producer/Director was thinking of capturing some of that old New Orleans painted sign feel. To the right and below are the reference images I was using to come up with the logo.   

Logo References01.jpg
Logo References02.jpg
Logo References03.jpg
KBNOK_Logo Black_v01.png

After some discussions and collaboration we finally came to this design.


The Show Open

Once production was coming to an end we began talking more about what the Producer/Director was looking for when it came to the show’s overall graphics package. Below is the brief I was given. I grabbed some reference stills from the Bruno Mars music video as well as stills from the Cosby show which had more of the lighting style I wanted for the look of the show’s open. In addition, I did a set of story boards and test shot (to the right) to show that the look could be translated to a cooking show.


The Client’s Brief

“That’s What I Like” describes the many indulgences Bruno’s girlfriend desires, and lucky for them both, he’s into the same things. The video stars a dancing Bruno all by himself, with only playful animations to keep him company. Drawn in illustrations give him pizzazz and movement, while other animations turn his lyrics into visuals. He sings about champagne, and *ping* a champagne bottle appears in his hand. He promises a trip to Paris and *ping* the Eiffel Tower appears on his right.

After a great day of setting up and filming the elements of Kevin for the open and close at the WYES studios in New Orleans, the next part was a rough cut to the music that the composer was working on.

After a lengthy bit of work matching the shot and Kevin’s movements it all came together in this awesome looking open for the show.

Segment Transitions

For the transitions, the Producer/Director wanted to share a little bit of Kevin’s history so Kevin scanned and sent us a ton of images that I removed blemishes from and color corrected since most had a fair bit of damage over the years. I built a vector looking photo frame to go around each picture and both the Producer/Director and Kevin wrote a little blurb to go with it. For all 26 shows there was a total of 54 transitions.

End Credits

For the credits it has been a tradition to use the outtakes from the cooking show and play them while the credits are rolling. Since we are drawing all the elements on screen I thought it would be fun to have an old style tube television for the outtakes to play in and at the end Kevin would walk into frame and bend over to turn off the TV.