Customer Features Video


Working with Legato was a great experience. It was a very creative project and I enjoyed the chance to work with the owner who was a great friend I grew up with. Legato was launching their business helping to coach and lead travel agents to expand their own business. Legato wanted to create a video that explains who they are and how they can assist their clients.

Sketch Ideas

Sketch Ideas

More Sketch Ideas

More Sketch Ideas

3D Style Frames

Storyboards Version 1

Part of the client’s initial idea was to have some humor and a bit of the Monty Python slapstick.


Storyboard Version 2

But after reviewing the boards we decided to go with a more cold feel utilizing a robot arm that would push around the ball instead of a cartoon looking hand.

Design 3

Ultimately the other storyboards and designs were not hitting the mark of where we wanted the tone of the brand to be. I built the style boards above and after the final approval started moving forward on to production.