LS_Recover Aid Bottle_PREVIEW RENDER_v02_2018-07-25.jpg

Recover Aid

3D Product Renders

Having a background in photography and graphic design, as well as being a 3D artist allows you to step out every now and then and do something different. This project for RecoverAid was one of those times. L+Studios needed some pictures of their client’s product RecoverAid. They reached out to me to rebuild a 3D bottle and put the label that his company had designed on it to use in the advertisements they were building.

The great thing about 3D product renders is that in the future you can quickly swap out labels or colors and maintain the same level of consistency from the previous shots and skip the large cost of hiring a professional photographer to take the product shots again. In the middle of production that actually came up. He needed an additional render with a variation of the label for another version of the drink. We were able to very quickly turn that around for them.