Passover Event

Event Package


This project was done while working in my current full time position at The Production Group. For this project I was in charge of three elements. We needed two shots of water gushing out the rock that God told Moses to strike. The next element was animating the event art so that it made a seamless transition to the end video. The final element was a shot of the rock bursting with water to be projected on a small scale replica of the rock on the stage.


Flowing Water VFX Shots

As I was thinking about how I wanted to have the water come out of the rock I was reminded of this behind the scenes clip from the Star Wars Episode One DVD.

I really wanted to go out and shoot my own water footage like they did in the Star Wars clip, but for the sake of time and budget we found plenty of stock clips online to purchase.

Animated End Titles

For the animated art at the end we needed it to transition from clips of shots being underwater to the final layout of the logo over the pool of water. With a little slight of hand I built a bit of the underwater part of the pool and had the camera burst above water, thus revealing the end title.

ARA_Passover_End Title.gif

Water Flow Projection Mapping

For this part I needed to roughly build the composition based off of a reference photo of the actual rock. Once the physical rock was set up for the event I sat down with my workstation connected to the projector and tweaked the composition to make sure it lined up correctly. After collaborating with the sound designer and the added storytelling ability of the speaker, the effect was awesome in the room.

Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini[0003]_1_1.gif
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini[0003] Copy 01_1.gif